Mr Yoda another universal product through carefull planning and breeding done right!
purple rain drop & wrangler
He is now open for stud services
contact me at 7788957565

Mr. yoda's first litter has been a success and a great hit!
we have puppies off Mr. yoda and they are now 7  weeks old and almost ready to go to their new homes!
call 7788957565 for more info
here they are!


extremely rare blue bi male 5500 pet/9000 breeder
call 7788957565 for more info


first ever all lilac tri english bulldog litter produced here at universalrarebulldogs through our very own produced purple rain

another future star has been born through our very own produced purple rain we introduce to you UNIVERSAL EXXXCTASY!  

purple rain drop is one of our proudest productions
check out our breeding page for an exciting breeding coming up with rain drop

Mr. Fedex & Purple Rain had a litter of 4 amazing blue tri choaolate carrier pups and as the fedexline stamp of oversized heads on tiny compact bodies is all over this litter.


Olga & blue steel had us another all blue over the to uniform quality litter to make us proud!

Universal Don Juan is excatly what the mini bulldogs have been missing so far as a whole, that pure perfection head piece with that nose rope till now was the biggest challenge that we put on ourselves to achieve on the mini extreme style frames and we have done it now with mr. Don Juan

Welcome to Universal Rare Bulldogs where productions speak louder than words and the entire world wants to be a part of our bloodline, we hope you enjoy your stay with us while visiting!

we strive very hard in producing extreme high quality consistent litters of lilac, blue, chocolate and black english bulldogs,

by starting with the absolute best this goal becomes easier to achieve!

we are very proud to say we have produced a true lilac english bulldog female as uniqe as Purple rain

Purple Rain comes from a landmark litter that changed the lilac world by having come out of a litter of 5 lilacs, 2 blues and 1 dark chocolate in same litter!

Mr. Heartbreaker will be a big part of the rare colour english bulldog world in australia and will be living on the gold coast of australia as of mid feb of 2014. he is going to be open for stud services to public in australia and you can contact us if you need his services

our very own produced purple rain daughters Solara and Rain drop playing in a beautifull snowny day!

Pipa is by far one of most extreme style showline females that we are also adding to our colour lines to bring that striking showdog look into our coloured dogs, her litter mate brother is now the no 1 one bulldog in the canadian show ring and was also produced through us and looks pretty much just like pipa

another signature mr. fedex smile that shines through his face all the time!

 MR. FedEx is a blue tri english bulldog also produced here is sure to be a future star and we are very proud to say we have produced yet another one of a kind dog like him and look forward to having him produce some top knoch quality babies here.  


 pumpkin is another stunning showline beauty that we are introducing to our colour lines to bring in that over the top show quality look to our existing beautifull colourd bulldogs

we are very proud to announce that one of beautiful purple babies mr. Bmore is going to represent us in the purple and black and be a part of the baltimore ravens 

it's is with great excitement that Im announcing our first litter has been a success with combining showlines to rare colours introducing universal Athena, she carries both blue and chocolate. we look forward to  her progress here!

rain drop was produced from first ever double bred lilac tri litter produced here and we are hitting the mark with her being so short and compact with great structure to bring into our next generation, we are planning a very exciting breeding with rain drop, check breeding page

Mr. Midgit mac also produced here is the shortest thickest widest lilac stud produced here, weighs in at 34 lbs at 1 year old and under 10 inches tall super compact and thick with an oversized head!



                                    MR. FEDEX

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